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Bucket elevator details

       The bucket elevator produced by Guangxi Hongfat Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is composed of a running part (hopper and traction tape), an upper section with a transmission drum, a lower section with a tensioner drum, an intermediate housing, a drive device, a check brake device, etc., which is suitable for upward transportation of powder, granular and small pieces of loose density ρ<1.5t/m3 without grinding and semi-grinding Materials,

such as coal, sand, coke, cement, crushed ore, etc. TD bucket elevator structure: Transmission device TD bucket elevator transmission device has two forms are equipped with YZ type reducer ZQ(or YY) type reducer. YZ type shaft reducer is directly installed on the spindle head, eliminating the transmission platform, coupling, etc., so that the structure is compact, light weight, and its internal with special-shaped roll backstop, backstop reliable.

The reducer has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, and floating with the spindle, which can eliminate the installation stress.

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