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Metering system of gas filling line

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Gas line measurement system is introduced in detail

The measurement involved in the aerated concrete production line is mainly divided into the following types:

1. Measurement of slurry materials:

Slurry material is measured by slurry metering tank, which is divided into volume metering and weight metering. The volumetric slurry metering tank is controlled by the glass liquid level meter observation surface. Its structure is relatively simple, the measurement accuracy is not high, not easy to automatic control; The measuring method adopted by our company is the weight type slurry measuring tank with the sensor as the measuring element, which has high measuring precision and easy automatic control.

2. Measurement of powder materials:

The measurement used by Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is electronic powder measurement, which has high accuracy, can realize automatic recording and full program control, and can carry out multi-material measurement. The instructions for measuring and importing materials are clear, so as to avoid misoperation, but the equipment cost and maintenance requirements are higher. Other manufacturers generally use the measurement method for lever powder metering, this metering structure is simple, but the measurement accuracy is not high, the material in and out of the material is not intuitive, easy to cause misoperation, and most can only measure one kind of material, making the layout of the dosing system complicated.

3. Measurement of aluminum powder:

For customers with different annual output, different measuring methods are given, generally small aerated brick production lines, due to the small amount of aluminum powder and aluminum powder paste, more manual measuring instruments are used for measurement, and for some enterprises with larger annual output, aluminum powder is first made into aluminum powder suspension, and then measuring instruments are used for measurement.

4. Working principle of air-filling brick equipment measurement:

The measurement means that the raw materials are mainly measured, stirred, and injected into the pouring mixer for pouring and stirring.


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